Transitions: Crisis – Martin Scott, Part 2

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At different points in our lives, we can find ourselves in a place of transition – an in-between place. Here are three articles on the subject of personal Transition by Martin Scott looking at the Timing of transition,Grieving the change that transition brings, the fact that transition is often precipitated byCrisisand Leaving and Entering. These will be useful if you are in the process of some form of personal transition. More of Martin’s Blogs can be found at


Personal Transition: Crisis

(Original Post: April 11, 2008)

Crisis and transitions

I wrote 2 days ago: ‘the larger transitions are marked by a measure of crisis’.

Again this is a very key factor to understand. Crisis (maybe resulting in chaos) is not something that sits easily with us. Naturally, we try to avoid crises and seek to bring order to chaos.

The kind of crises that arise is often very natural ones. A meeting where something is presented to us and we feel it is unfair as it presents us in a wrong light; funding that dries up; invites that cease to come through; a relationship that ends or is forced into a new shape; a dream that dies…

The crises are normally external and beyond our control, sometimes as a result of some strange choices made by others that directly impact us. The effect of the crises is of narrowing us down – some old options are no longer there, and there does not seem to be the possibility of as much fruit in the (hoped-for) coming phase.

It is at this time that the Lord is working in us:

  • what he does in us he can then do through us
  • authority is established in us through how we respond at the low points

At a later stage, we will need to look back and see how the Lord was in the crises. (Here we can think of Joseph who later all but said the brothers were innocent as the Lord put them up to it!) This process is one of learning to trust God at a deeper level and faith is birthed ready for the sphere that we are being brought into.

The pathway to the future is through a restricting doorway and this is where there is a temptation to avoid the restriction and simply find another solution. So the end of a phase is usually marked by a narrowing down before something new opens up. This inevitably leads to a grieving process – we look at that next.

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